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That dude 3 years ago
Body : 9/10
Sexuality : 3/10
Blowjob skills : 3/10
Rhythm : -3/10

Nice tits though
The song is 3 years ago
At the drive in - Napolean Solo
Alvin masters 2 years ago
Shes hot as fuck
NARUTO UZAMAKI 2 years ago
Yo That's My Nebier Daughter Nigga What The Fuck
That’s a baseball 2 years ago
This is the kind of girl to give you a quick fuck and then you go.
Anonymous. 1 year ago
Her real name is Jacklyn sanders and she’s from Ashland, Ohio lol
2 years ago
She's the type of girl who is definitely gross and thinks she's desirable cuz some dude fucked her
1 year ago
Nice tits
Naruto 2 years ago
Talent 0
The one piece is real 6 months ago
Can we get much higger?